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Speirs Finance: Our Founder Nelson Speirs & Our Beginnings

Speirs Finance: Our Founder Nelson Speirs & Our Beginnings

In the vibrant heart of rural Manawatu, the journey of Speirs Finance began thanks to the vision of its founder, Nelson Speirs. But the story of Speirs Finance is not just about a thriving financial institution; it's about a legacy that traces back to the early days of a young, multi-talented Nelson Speirs.

Nelson's journey took root during his school days at Palmerston North Boys' High in 1951. Here, he distinguished himself academically and as a remarkable athlete, earning School Colours for his achievements in athletics. Music also played a significant role in his life, with Nelson mastering the trombone as part of the school band.

Upon leaving school, Nelson joined his father's timber and joinery business, and he later became the joint CEO in 1958. His passion for entrepreneurship and leadership continued to flourish, leading him to serve as CEO and Director of MSD-Speirs Ltd from 1963 to 1979. This enterprise was involved in various sectors, including sawmilling, builders' supplies, housing construction, and property development. In 1976, MSD-Speirs Ltd was even listed on the NZX, signifying its growth and success.

Nelson's legacy in the world of finance includes pioneering car leasing in New Zealand. On October 1, 1979, Speirs Finance facilitated its first car lease, marking the beginning of a journey that transformed the way New Zealanders acquired and managed vehicles. While the initial lease to a farmer in Reporoa faced an inauspicious start with the vehicle returning in a 'write-off' state, this setback only fueled the determination to improve and innovate. In time, the company shifted its focus from operating leases to finance leases and found its first significant customer in Borthwicks, a prominent New Zealand freezing works company.

Nelson's legacy extends beyond the business world; he has been an active member of Lions International since 1964 and a devoted supporter of Palmerston North Boys' High School, as evidenced by the Speirs Centre. With a family that includes three children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren, Nelson's impact extends far beyond the financial sector, leaving a mark on both his community and his family.

Today, Speirs Finance remains the Kiwi-owned team dedicated to growing Kiwi businesses. Continuing our mission of providing financial solutions to large or small businesses for their asset and equipment funding needs. We have become a significant participant in the New Zealand commercial asset financing sector and specialist financiers in various industries including Transport, Forestry, Earthmoving, Agriculture, Construction, Mining, Quarrying, Materials Handling, and Aviation.

Nelson Speirs's vision and values continue to shape Speirs Finance's identity. The company philosophy, then as it is today, revolves around understanding customers better, keeping it real for customers, and providing tailored, simple, and accessible funding solutions. Speirs Finance is committed to enabling better business and building long-term partnerships to support the growth and success of our valued customers genuinely. Contact Speirs Finance today understand how we can help your business grow and improve your cash flow.